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America's #1 fix and flip network.



Get the most value-packed education in the real estate industry with primary focus being on fixing and flipping.



All training material comes from expert educators with millions spent on real estate transactions.


Our "Why" is our students and our community. Flip Foundation is family, plain and simple.

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What is

Flip Foundation?

Flip Foundation is a real estate education program focused on fix and flip strategies for new or experienced real estate investors across the USA. 

A Family of Investors

Surround yourself with a community of active, high-level investors. When you join the Flip Foundation community, you immediately gain access to sharing deals with some of the top producers in the country.

World Class Mentorship

Weekly calls with Zachary Kepes, professional investor and the creator of Flip Foundation. Get your questions answered when you need it most. Zachary will talk you through acquiring your deals, he will solve your problems when it really counts, and cheer you all the way to the closing table.

Training, Assets, and Guides

Flip Foundation is a six week course on fix and flipping. Each week of the course is dedicated to a vital part of creating your business. The modules are built for both newbies and seasoned vets to get a complete understanding of Zachary's investing tactics.



Real estate has been my entire life for so long, and I'm ready to give back so that others can benefit from my investment career.

That is what really excites me. The fact that someone can take lessons from my past and then change their life and financial future because of it.




Scott and Ferrin:
This dynamic Arizona duo teamed up on their most recent flip. Entering the fix and flip market with no real estate license they decided to join our mentorship program to help lead them through this project. A few hiccups didn't stop this team and they were able to walk out of this project with a $52,000+ profit.


A BIG Win for these two students. They are currently looking for their next project, but this time with some new tools under their belts, a real estate license, and an abundance of knowledge they gained from this experience.

Watch their story.

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